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Easy Everyday Self Care
Free 3 Day Workshop

Practical strategies to start prioritising your Self Care.
Find out what works and start living more mindfully.


Starts Wednesday 13th April at 12pm GMT

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This Workshop is for you if...

  • You struggle to find time for your Self Care?
  • You feel guilty when you do take time for yourself?
  • You are overwhelmed with something else ‘to do’!

This Workshop is NOT for you if...

  • You don’t want to make a change. 
  • If you are not able to try and make time for yourself. 
  • You want to stay in survival mode.
  • Over the three days I will: Deliver practical LIVE workshops through a Facebook Group, with daily access to a free workbook to use as a guide alongside the training.

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Workshop Outline

Day 1: Self Care and You!
The CORE of Self Care and how to make the time.

BONUS: Special Guest Expert Presentation on Sleep and how Why Sleep is important and how to improve your sleep

Day 2: How to loose the guilt and prioritise yourself with practical Self Care strategies using all of your senses.

BONUS: Guided Meditation for Self Confidence and acceptance.

Day 3: Make a plan for your Self Care and how to track the impact.

BONUS: Guest Expert presentation about Protein, it's importance and making sure you get enough.

BONUS: Prizes for the most active participant in the group!
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Start Prioritising your Self Care!

I am enough

I am valued

I am grateful

Testimonials From Previous Workshops


Workshop Host...

Suzi Chaemchaeng close up shot

Suzi started the Motherhood Rebellion to challenge the narrative of Self Care being a bubble bath once a week. 

The foundation of Self Care is losing the guilt, valuing and prioritising yourself again. Even with the limited time that motherhood gives, there is a way to feel better and happier in body and mind!

Suzi is a qualified personal trainer, massage therapist and yoga teacher who resides in Thailand with her family. She writes for various health and parenting websites and is a busy full time working mother. 

She has found the importance of Self Care and coaches other mothers to prioritise themselves through the Motherhood Rebellion Membership. 

“If you don’t do your self care no one will .”Suzi Chaemchaeng

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