How to Unwind and De-Stress with your Children

How to Unwind and De-Stress with your Children

Picture it – It’s midweek, and you are already unsure how it’s been such a long week, let alone how you will even make it through to Friday.

You’ve been on a conference call for the last hour that could have been an email, you have no clue what anyone’s eating for lunch, much less dinner tonight. All the while, the kids are tugging at your yoga pants, wanting your attention, only to remind you that Yoga and Self Care is the last thing you have time for today. 

Fret no more!

Here are a three ways to take 5 minutes to de-stress and unwind right now!


children playing

That’s right! It’s time for a good old fashioned game of rock paper scissors. (I’m not crazy, hear me out.) OK, maybe a little crazy. 

Why, might you be asking? 

It’s quick! It takes 5 minutes. You don’t need anything but your hands. You don’t even have to leave your desk. It gives the kids some attention and can also provide some much needed laughter for everyone

Deep belly laughs are always a stress reliever!

As a bonus,  It can also be done in a car in the parking lot, school pick up line, or even in a doctor’s office or waiting room. 

mother and child walking outside


Everyone benefits from a change of scenery, especially outside to get some fresh air, even if it is only for 5 minutes.

You can take a walk down to the mailbox, my kids like to skip. This probably also makes my neighbors think I’m way more fun than I actually am. 

You have to get the mail anyway, turn it into a quick break in the day to unwind and refresh. It also gives you a chance to get those steps in depending on how far your mailbox is from the house. 

If getting the mail isn’t enough, you can race to the fence and back a few times and see who wins. Older kids love to race, or a chance to beat mom or dad at anything!

You could also take 5 minutes and see who can collect the most things outside- rocks, dandelions, clovers, sticks, leaves. Kids love this! It gives you some quality time together (or apart on opposite sides of the yard if need be) and then you can talk about what you’ve found together. It may seem simple but these are the small things they will remember! 

3. Back Drawing

This one is my favorite! 

Lay down on your belly (you can already see why this one is my favorite). Have your kids draw something on your back like a letter, number, their name or a color if they are older, and then you guess what they drew. You can switch after you guess and do the same for them.

This gives everyone that sense of touch we all need, you get 5 minutes to lay down and unwind (or close your eyes for a catnap if you are like me). Plus, it helps the kids practice their spelling, letters and numbers without even realizing it. 

Mom Win! 

This could also be done sitting up, in a chair, in a doctor’s office or waiting room as well. 

mother playing with childre

Although, I think we can all agree that the 5 minutes to lay down is the best version! 

Sometimes when life is busy and hectic all we need is 5 minutes, a change of scenery, or a change of pace to de-stress, unwind, and regroup so that we can take a deep breath to better serve ourselves, our work, and our children. 

The next time you find yourself feeling flustered and like you need a whole day at the spa, I hope that you give yourself some grace and remind yourself that all you need is 5 minutes and some of these outside of the box ideas to take the stress and weight off of your shoulders and come back refreshed and renewed so you can be your best self!

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