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These sessions have proved so valuable to offer support to all members, to share ideas, challenges, good and bad aspects of the week. They are run by Suzi online and last approximately an hour (at times longer) Understanding is extended to those with children, interruptions are not an issue but many members have found that this scheduled hour becomes part of their own time and self care.

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Course Details

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Week One: What is Real Self Care?

The foundation of self care is understanding your own needs and prioritising them. It is valuing yourself and believing that you are worthy of time and care. It is recognising when you feel overwhelmed and stressed and knowing that these are the times to implement your self care practices. This is when the bubble bath or enjoyable activity comes in.

Elements of Self Care:
Emotional: How you feel and your mindset.
Spiritual: Self development, hobbies and activities to lose track of time.
Personal: Time with loved ones and pampering yourself.
Goals and Dreams: Plans, being organised and visualising dreams.
Physical: Moving, sleeping and nutritional wellbeing.

Coaching Section: With the group we will discuss together how you feel about yourself and the activities you enjoy doing now and previous to becoming a mum. The workbook will have prompts such as; When do you feel truly connected with yourself? When was the last time you laughed and had fun? What are you doing when you feel calm and that you could lose yourself and track of time? Who are you with or are you alone? What happens when you feel sad, hurt, or vulnerable?

Task: During the course, I will ask you to pick one of these joyful activities or more to do weekly and be accountable for. You will write about it or photograph it and take positive action to share with the community.

Outcome: As we progress through the course, you will get more in tune with your needs. The more in tune you are with yourself, self care will become second nature, it won’t be something you have to do, it will be something you do all the time, because when you don’t you feel disconnected and stressed.

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Week Two: Organised to Manage your Self Care

Being organised in all elements of your daily life helps avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed. This is an important part of self care as the systems you put in place will impact the time you take for yourself and how you prioritise that time. Similar to how you book an appointment or attend a meeting, can you do the same for your personal self care?

Coaching Section: The benefits of a personal organising process that works and you can rely on is extremely important for keeping you committed to your goals. I will discuss how to be organised and demonstrate a successful method for calm and clear time management at home. You will be given tips on how to manage distractions and time blocking which are simple yet effective ways to manage your precious time.

Task: There will be templates in the workbook for your to-do list, this is a start to make you more productive with your time, gives you direction and the satisfaction of completing a task and marking it done. There will be a visual aid to help you prioritise your tasks and rate the high-value tasks that will have an increased positive impact.

Outcome: This week is completed early in this course so that you can continue to use the time management methods throughout. This level of being organised can make a big difference to you making time for self care and that is the ultimate goal!

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Week Three: Discovering the Voice of your Self Critic.

This voice can have a huge impact on maintaining a positive mindset, it can be a deeply damaging force that wreaks havoc with your confidence, it can be cruel and belittling. Even on good days, it can creep in and when you feel tired, stressed, or low in energy these negative thoughts can become magnified.

Coaching Section:
Together I will support you to listen to the voice and understand the impact that it currently has on your mindset. We are working towards disempowering the voice, which reduces its impact. This will require being part of a guided meditation to help you tune into your inner critic’s voice, visualise, identify and label it. Once you have achieved that we work on letting it go with a thank you.

Task: The workbook will include thought provoking questions to identify your self critic’s voice and create a visual representation. This visual representation will help going forward as it becomes something to challenge, quieten down and release its grasp and impact.

Outcome: Working on this aspect of mindset will have the biggest impact on your positivity towards life, work, relationships and your body/self. Once you can identify that voice you can quieten and become less triggered by it. It is a very freeing process!

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Week Four: Work Towards Self Acceptance and Love. 

Acceptance is the building block to love and this week follows on perfectly from discovering the voice of your inner critic. This voice can be particularly horrible when it comes to your body image. The way we feel about our bodies is also deeply entrenched in our personal history from childhood and when we first became aware of our bodies.

Coaching Section: Our relationship with body image can often feel like a battleground, self love can seem like an unrealistic and over imaginative ideal that you will never reach. Self acceptance is where we will start and make it realistic so you are able to to reconnect with your body.

Task: Using the workbook you will write a list of the features you like and dislike, the act of writing it down can make a big difference as it gives you time to process and be considered. You will also need to evaluate your social media as it is something you interact with daily. You will be provided with a list of incredible women leading the way with body positivity and image to follow.

Outcome: This is the most important self care as acceptance of our bodies is something we can consistently do. Being able to look in the mirror and feel calm and not hateful can change your whole perspective. This is one of the most valuable and worthwhile parts of the process and can make a huge difference to your daily life.

mindful Self Care icon

Week Five: Nutrition and Eating for Wellbeing.

What we eat and drink can make a big difference to how we feel in our body. Making sure that you drink enough and eat a range of food which leaves you feeling energised is the main focus for this section.

Coaching Section: This week is supported by a qualified nutritionist who will help with tips and delicious recipes that hold the greatest nutritional punch. We will discuss food that provides an energy boost and sustains it for those busy days, nutrition that can soothe stressed out mothers and learn about nutrients that support hormone health. There will be a discussion on how to create stress free mealtimes with children while making sure we prioritise our nutritional needs and what we enjoy eating.

Task: A food and mood diary will be in this week’s part of the workbook, you will document your emotions with food and work on recognising when your body is full and feels good. There will be quick and simple recipes to try out and share with our community.

Outcome: This is a jam packed (excuse the pun) and useful week when you will learn a lot and find ways to get in touch with your nutritional needs.

everyday Self Care icon

Week Six: Daily Self Care Tricks.

This part of the course comes after week’s of working hard on your mindset and making daily shifts that can make a big difference. At this point you should be using your time more efficiently, aware of your self critic and feeling better about your body.

Coaching Section: We will discuss methods you can use daily if the feeling of stress or overwhelm occurs, these will include methods for slowing down and being present and the benefits of living mindfully. There will also be practical practise of calming breathing exercises to access at any point.

Task: Using the workbook and thought provoking questions to recognise when you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You will then work on what strategies you can have in place for when this occurs.

Outcome: Depending on the group the next week can be an implementation week off, so week six becomes very important for making sure you have your self care plans in place for the week on your own.

affirmations Self Care icon

Week Seven: Devise Powerful and Personalised Affirmations.

Affirmations are a simple yet very effective way to a more positive mindset, but they need to work for you and be relevant on a personal level, otherwise they can feel pointless. If used consistently they have the potential to be a strong foundation towards shifting your mindset to a more positive and beneficial place. They need to change often and be meaningful about your current situation and what area of self doubt you are presently working on.  

Coaching Section: Using the workbook, activities and the weekly meditation you will listen deeply to hear the negative voice within you. Your personal affirmations will be shaped from there as they will be personal, relevant and helpful, using a more positive tone of love and acceptance. 

Task: I will ask you to stand infront of a mirror and in the workbook write down everything that comes to your mind. You will be asked to write a letter to your body and especially those parts that you find undesirable or ugly. You will also need to write out and display your personal affirmations at home to be seen, absorbed daily, and for the duration of the course.

Outcome: For some this will be the first time listening to the negative inner voice, it is challenging but can be awakening. Positive affirmations help to replace the negativity with positivity, love and kindness towards yourself, the voice will become a natural self expression within and a voice that you will start to listen more to as you feel the benefits of.

breathe Self Care icon

Week Eight: Moving your body and finding what works for you.

Exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle and an important element of self care. It can take many forms and when we are busy parents the easier to fit in and time savvy the better.

Coaching Section: Emphasis on the importance of getting outside every day. Even taking a walk, getting outdoors is so vital for a positive mindset. We will discuss what you enjoyed before motherhood and where and when can we fit in more exercise now.

Task: Use the weekly schedule in your workbook to record your daily activities. Then plan slots of time every day for physical exercise.

Outcome: Make achievable physical exercise goals and use the community to be accountable. Plan to exercise and move for your enjoyment and happiness, not for a reward or punishment.

phones Self Care icon

Week Nine: Phone use and its impact on mindset.

Our phones can have a big impact our mental health. Is it your first and last thought in bed, are you constantly checking it, and could you even imagine the worry if you left your phone at home?
It is a challenge to break the routine but it is possible and beneficial.

Coaching Section: This will cover useful tips to reduce your use and be more aware of the time you are spending with it.

Task: There will be simple tasks to complete such as; I would like for every member to switch off their notifications and see how that makes a difference to mindset. I will also make suggestions for purchasing an ‘old style’ alarm clock and using a phone tracker to access your use on social media. There will be more complex tasks to discover your hobbies and interests, what activities you can do that help you loose track of time. Adding these activities to your planner.

Outcome: To find balance with your phone, make a plan to have social media free times or weekends. Support to spend more time on the activities that bring you calm, joy and you can loose yourself in.

boundaries Self Care icon

Week Ten: Boundaries and Creating a Balance.

Understanding, setting, and maintaining your boundaries is an incredibly important part of self care and keeping a positive mindset. Our boundaries come from honouring how we feel in different situations with different people. By committing to your boundaries you value, respect, and prioritise yourself.

Coaching Section: If this is something new for you, boundaries can seem confusing or that you are unable to recognise them. One way to find out is by considering what makes you have feelings of resentment or discomfort? Feeling as though you are being taken advantage of or not appreciated? These are big red flags to indicate you are pushing beyond your boundaries.

Task: Using the workbook and group coaching sessions we will discover the situations that feel uncomfortable for you and the steps you can take to create and manage your boundaries.

Outcome: This is a valuable time to reach out to the community and stay accountable for the boundaries that you are putting in place. It is a continuous journey and an important element of self care and your self worth.

sleep Self Care icon

Week Eleven: Work together to create a good sleep routine.

Sleep is a primary and extremely important part of self care. We want to create a more restful night sleep, which leads to a happier, productive, and calmer self.

Coaching Section: Is as important as exercise and eating well. We also know how vital a good bedtime routine is for our children, what about us? How can we create a relaxing bedtime routine for you?

Task: In the workbook, you will track your sleep for a week, while also going to sleep and waking up at the same time every day, with one night a week go to sleep early, ideally before 9 pm. By tracking your sleep and how you are feeling you can note the energy and positivity it can create.

Outcome: Better sleep habits and knowing how to maintain your bedtime routine. That could be by dimming the lights, reading a book, lighting a candle, or moisturising (or all of them)

Goals Self Care icon

Week Twelve: Future Goals and a Self Care Schedule.

Visualising your dreams and goals will keep you moving forward and knowing what is valued and needed, for your life and those of your family. It is also important to keep yourself at the heart of your dreams and keep track of these goals to reflect upon and see your progress towards them.

Coaching Section: Our final session will be an open discussion of your dreams and future goals. How you have found being organised over the course? What time management strategies you used with success. Also, the big question were you able to time block to book in self care practices?

Task: Our final session will be an open discussion of your dreams and future goals. How you have found being organised over the course? What time management strategies you used with success. Also, the big question were you able to time block to book in self care practices?

Outcome: Leave the course with manageable plans and goals, that include not only your future but also your self care!

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