Motherhood Rebellion


From Tired to Revived and Refreshed

prioritise your self care!

Join a group of supportive women who have the vision to value themselves even in the busy time of motherhood.

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What do current members say;

What results have you experienced during the membership?

“I have a better understanding of the concept of selfcare and I have learned helpful strategies to incorporate a little more ’me time’ into my week. Most importantly I’ve learned that I’m not alone, as most of us struggle with similar issues. This group is filled with caring, talented, kind and incredibly helpful ladies.”

“The community element has been invaluable and has really helped me feel more confident about my choices. While consistency still eludes me in many ways, I’ve come to accept that that is the season I’m in with a toddler and a baby and that what I am doing is enough.”

What’s the biggest highlight?

“Everything that I’ve managed to participate in has been great, the biggest highlight must be the actual group of ladies I meet with on a Monday. I look forward to seeing them, hearing how their week has been and sharing in their happiness as well as hashing out ideas over problems we’re experiencing.”

“New friendships.”

“Monday chats and check ins. Would do this every day if it was possible”

“The guests that have shared their expertise have been great and their professional assistance valued. (Looking forward to tomorrow’s style guest)”

Your overall experience?

“I’d like you to know that I value your time, advice and work ethic and I’d like to thank you for starting such an essential membership to help me and others like me.”

“I’m glad I signed up for this year”

“I’ve really enjoyed being a part and I’m excited to see the community grow.”

“100% accountability within our group in a positive manner is awesome”

Would you recommend the membership?

“Yes I would, and I have!”

“I’m sure I have lots of female friends interested”

What's included in the membership;

These sessions have proved so valuable to offer support to all members, to share ideas, challenges, good and bad aspects of the week. They are run by Suzi on Zoom and last approximately an hour (at times longer) Understanding is extended to those with children, interruptions are not an issue but many members have found that this scheduled hour becomes part of their own time and self care.

Price is £27 per month

With first month half price.
Still undecided watch an interview with a current member.

More about me…

Suzi Chaemchaeng close up shot

Suzi started the Motherhood Rebellion to challenge the narrative of Self Care being a bubble bath once a week.

The foundation of Self Care is losing the guilt, valuing and prioritising yourself again. Even with the limited time that motherhood gives, there is a way to feel better and happier in body and mind!

Suzi is a qualified personal trainer, massage therapist and yoga teacher who resides in Thailand with her family.

She writes for various health and parenting websites and is a busy full time working mother. 

She has found the importance of Self Care and coaches other mothers to prioritise themselves through the Motherhood Rebellion Membership. 

“If you don’t do your self care no one will .”

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