Maximise your Time Alone

Maximise your Time Alone

1. Habit Stack

Maximize what habits you already have with another positive daily habit.

alarm clock habit stacking

Have you heard of the five second rule?

Mel Robbins recommends when you wake up, switch your alarm clock off and count down from five, then get out of bed (before your mind makes a good excuse not to)! 

This is a great habit to start the day with.

Another positive suggestion; switch your phone alarm for an actual clock to get mindful about your phone use. Leave it to the side, get ready for the day and then decide when to switch your phone on an let the outside world in. 

Other examples could be to

  • Drink a glass of water when you wake.
  • Take mindful breaths while the kettle boils for your morning drink.
  • Walk instead of taking transport.


Think about small changes that will take you less than five minutes a day and impact your physical and mental health. 

2. Drop the Guilt

It is very normal to feel a sense of guilt when you decide to do something for yourself, like buying something new or meeting a friend alone.

Right here and now ask yourself, how easy it is for me to spend money on my children, or to set up a play date for them on a rainy day? 

You also deserve time and space!

  • Take a moment to consider how you feel after some time away or alone. Are you calmer, more patient, excited about the next time?
  • Practice leaving your child (with your partner, family member, nursery etc) Experience that it does not damage them permanently, acknowledge that your feelings are normal and take this time for you. FYI as they get older this does become easier. 
  • You are modelling Self Care to your children and positive relationships with others which is so important for them to see. Talk about taking ‘time alone’, ask them to do it too, which is a good one when everyone, including mummy uses the toilet!
alone time self care

3. Define your Self Care

Use your five senses to check in with your Self Care daily.

For example,

Scent: What is your favourite smell? Surround yourself with it. 

  • Diffused essential oils in a burner or a gorgeous scented bath.
  • Fresh flowers, incense or a scented candle. 
  • Visit Lush or your favourite perfume counter in your lunch break.


Taste: Something utterly delicious.

  • At least once a day relish something delicious you are eating or drinking. 
  • Take your time to chew and don’t use devices during mealtimes.
  • Keep a stash of ‘Mummy Only’ dark chocolate in the fridge for a rich, powerful taste.


Hearing: Listen to something uplifting.

  • Your favourite podcast or songs.
  • Tune into the radio to hear new songs or ones you haven’t heard for a while. 
  • Find a quiet spot and listen to the sounds around you. Tune into ones far away then closer, become aware of your surroundings for just five minutes.


Vision: Go for a walk and stare at the natural world.

  • Watch the horizon line if you can or just make sure you get outside daily.
  • Think creatively; drawing, looking at art or photographs. What do you enjoy looking at that’s not on Netflix?
  • Look at yourself in the mirror, say something nice, acknowledge your beauty because we all have it. 


Touch: Use luxury body oil to massage your skin.

  • Start with your feet and put socks on after, focus on your back and shoulders. Finish with your face and scalp. 
  • Get a hug from a friend, partner or child.
  • Keep hand cream nearby to use frequently throughout the day.

4. Let Go of having to do something

  • You do not need to fill up every moment of every day. 
  • Take a breath, potter about or sit alone.
  • Release the pressure and let go.


5. Join a Supportive Community

self care community
  • An online community can introduce accountability and help you prioritise yourself.
  • They offer you a listening ear and understanding in a supportive environment. 
  • These are managed spaces by someone in a professional manner, which creates a distance to be able to express yourself truly without worrying how they will feel (which is something we do with friends)


The meetings become part of your Self Care.

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