Make Manifesting Goals part of your Self Care in these five simple steps

Make Manifesting Goals part of your Self Care in these five simple steps

If you find yourself saying ‘I don’t have enough time for Self Care” ask yourself.

Do I make goals and have my big dreams visible to glance at daily?
Writing down your goals, dreaming big and checking in with yourself are important parts of your Self Care. Having a plan helps reduce overwhelm and the negative thought pattern of never having any time to do anything. Never a good place to be.
Making (weekly, monthly or yearly) goals as part of your self care can make a big difference to your sense of purpose, even if you are able to achieve a small step, this level or organisation and productivity helps lead to a positive mindset.

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These are the steps I use personally and with the Motherhood Rebellion Members.
Step 1. Dream it and Dream big: Don’t hold back on your dreams.

There are different ways you can do this;

  •  Consider your dreams for your lifetime.
  • Think about where you want to be in a year, 5 years, or 10 years.
  • Or, Break down the next year into Quarters.
Whichever method feels good and flows, with the least overwhelm the better!
Create and print out a Canva Vision Board (you can use their template and download as a screen saver) or print photos and sayings as visual reminders. Place them where they are visible daily! An example below from one of my members.

self care manifesting dreams and goals

This amazing vision board was designed by Polly, one of my Motherhood Rebellion Members. Find more of her artwork here
2. Consider the Steps.
  • These can be small steps but start at the bottom and work your way up to the dream. For example on a big sheet of paper write the dream at the top, then consider where to start and all the steps needed. 
  • Think about the small steps you can achieve today towards your dream. For example, if it’s a dream house, consider areas you want it, financial ability or take it a step further and view potential houses.
Manifesting dreams and goals self care3. Write down the Challenges and Obstacles.
  • Life has a way of throwing challenges at us, how do you react to these?
  • How do you really feel about your goals?
  • Ask yourself about your fears and would you be able to tell your friends about these dreams?
This is a great way to gain an insight into your mindset around making dreams and goals for yourself and your ability to achieve them.
manifest goals and dreams self care clear office space
4. Have a clear out and let it go.
  • Clear out your desk space, where you work or create.
  • Clear out your wardrobe and give away clothes that no longer fit or serve you.
  • Keep spaces clear and organised.
  • Make sure you have your visual reminders visible. 
5. Take Action.
Remember small steps lead to large leaps (I just made that up)
Writing goals and dreams should feel enjoyable, if it feels overwhelming break it down into manageable chunks. Or ask a friend to do it with you and make it more fun!
Let me know how you get on and if you are manifesting anything at the moment?
Suzi Chaemchaeng