Guide to Create Affirmations that are Relevant and Powerful for your Self Care

Guide to Create Affirmations that are Relevant and Powerful for your Self Care

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What are they?

They are the simplest, and through my own personal experience, I have found the most effective way to have a more positive mindset daily. By using simple statements you affirm something that can give you more confidence and bring you closer towards self-empowerment, love and appreciation.

I used affirmations previously when I taught yoga. After a session I would repeat them in my mind. Frequently, I would practice gratitude for where I was in the world. I was fortunate to be in a beautiful studio set above the ocean that looked out into the jungle and sky.

At that time, they helped me feel full of love, gratitude and hope. I look back and I know I appreciated it every day because I practiced gratitude affirmations. That knowledge also helps me now at times, when I long to be back there with a simpler life, I can move forward as I know I valued my time there enough.mother walking self care affirmations

Motherhood and Meditation

I found being a busy mother that my mindset shifted. It became very difficult, working full-time, being a parent, and finding time to take care of my mindset through meditation as I once had. I found I wasn’t able to sit and meditate. Fortunately, I have always kept an element of mindfulness in my life with the help of my Buddhist husband. He reminds me to move slower and be more considerate when I do move, because I do tend to rush and grab all the things I can at the same time. So it helps to have that consistent influence on me.

I definitely felt that I lacked the practice that I had done for so long. One that I had become so comfortable with and which helped me feel calm, centered and connected.

My Experience

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I have returned to the practice of using affirmations regularly and have found them extremely useful.

A book that helped me further was ‘Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway’. This book is very good because you can pick it up and drop into it at any point you want. There are some really good affirmations in there that can be used to get started.

I found for myself I wanted more, and to discover what I needed to be saying to myself daily I had to sit with what I was feeling uncomfortable with. What I was feeling challenged by? This helped me discover what affirmations I needed to shift the blocks I was experiencing.

I decided when I woke up, there were a few things I was going to say as I sat on the side of my bed and prepared for the day. I now do this practice daily and have changed the sentences on a few occasions already. The affirmations I use depends on what I need to create or how I feel on a particular day.

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Affirmation for Aging

Turning forty was also a big shift personally and I know I did not feel as comfortable with the aging process as I wanted to be. So, I decided to make affirmations regarding that and they are placed on my mirror to see every day as I get ready for work.

I use Post-It notes and I have written particular sentences regarding aging and feeling comfortable about getting older, to increase my confidence and self-acceptance. I glance at them when I’m putting on makeup or when I’m getting ready in the morning and have found them to be really comforting. With this simple practice I have noticed a considerable change in how I feel when I see my reflection. 

I also have affirmations placed by my bed to glance at before I sleep, on the coffee machine, fridge and toaster because I sit every morning and I have my breakfast and I look at them.

I let the words wash over me or I just sit there and look at them or a quick glance.

These small acts give me the inspiration to feel good in the morning.


My Favourite Affirmation:

“I choose courage over comfort”.

This is something that I always felt I’ve done in my life. I have never wanted to just feel okay with or just settle for something (a rebel at heart). I am always about driving forward and finding my dreams. What makes me happy and obviously, my family as well. So I really like this affirmation. It’s especially important at the moment as I move through doing some different things it gives me more confidence.

When I feel my daily affirmation practice wane and I am very busy, I start to feel disconnected. I remind myself to go through some guided meditations and get myself back on track by repeating my affirmations or creating some new ones. More recently I have created affirmations about wealth and manifesting more money in my life.


How can you make a personal affirmation?

  • Buy Post-It notes: They are the perfect size for one sentence and can stick anywhere. Go classic yellow or neon pink, whatever resonates with you!
  • Listen to your inner critic: What negative comment does it say to you?
  • The best times to hear it; Look in the mirror, it will raise its critical head.
  • What positive statement can you change the negative to?
  • e.g Inner critic says “I am fat/ unlovable”
  • FLIP IT “I am perfect right now, I am worthy”
  • Or try:
  • ‘I am enough’
  • ‘I am grateful for…’
  • ‘I love…’ (Insert your baddass feature)
  • Write it down, use some nice pens if you are a stationary geek or keep it simple. Get the good stuff down on paper.
  • Put them everywhere. On a mirror, where you eat breakfast, the fridge, front door etc. Look at them ALL the time!


Contact me if you would like these tips as an easy to read PDF.

Suzi Chaemchaeng


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