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Welcome To Motherhood Rebellion

Self Care for your whole Body & Mind

Being a Mother and taking care of yourself is challenging.

Self Care becomes another activity to add to your already busy schedule. 

I hear “I just don’t have the time, money, or motivation” frequently, but the essence of Self Care starts with the full acceptance of yourself, from there you can form a deeper understanding of your needs.

Our bodies are magnificent and it’s OK that motherhood alters them.

Motherhood Rebellion challenges the narrative of Self Care being extra activities ‘to do’, because If you value and prioritise yourself. That is the foundation of self care. Even as a mother with the limited time you have.

Honouring who you are, in this moment with a confident mindset can lead to a happier and healthier

You deserve that!

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Revolutionise Motherhood

Join the Facebook group creating the conversation and making the change.

A community of like minded women who support each other with compassion in our shared journey with Self Care as mothers and beyond.

This is not about returning to the old you. You are not that woman, instead, you are a more powerful version.

The Motherhood Rebellion Website and Membership shares Self Care ideas and body positivity in a calm and connected community.

Self  Care starts with Self Acceptance.

I am a transformational coach. My core value is to listen and connect with others. To always offer empathy first before opinion or advice.

. Will you invest in yourself?

. Can you find it in your heart to love your incredible body again?

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Self Care Tips for Mothers

Can you prioritise yourself?

Download the free guide and get started.

Motherhood Rebellion Feel Good Right Now

How I work with clients…

Supporting mothers worldwide to achieve better wellbeing by prioritising their Self Care as busy mothers.

This results in feeling healthier and happier in body and mind.

My individual and group programs include life long access to the Motherhood Rebellion Membership club.

Together we will get results, helping you on the way to a happier and healthier you!

Suzi Chaemchaeng Motherhood Rebellion

Motherhood Rebellion

Welcome to a community and a resource centre for like-minded mothers to learn from each other Self Care practices and body positivity.

  • You will have the benefit of setting achievable monthly goals with a community to keep you accountable.
  • Although this is a group membership it is also personal for your needs, so although there is a framework for each month, there is room for flexibility.
  • We will work together to get the maximum benefit from the Meditation classes.
  • Every month we will focus on different areas of wellbeing and create practical and easy to apply Self Care practices.
  • I will give you the tools to understand that the foundation of self care is acceptance, prioritising yourself and knowing your needs. 

The Membership will be delivered in a private Facebook group, via Google Meets and all resources stored online that only members will have access to.

Monthly membership price of £27.

Start and end at anytime, cancel at any point. 

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What's included

These sessions have proved so valuable to offer support to all members, to share ideas, challenges, good and bad aspects of the week. They are run by Suzi on Google Meets and last approximately an hour (at times longer) Understanding is extended to those with children, interruptions are not an issue but many members have found that this scheduled hour becomes part of their own time and Self Care.

Member Success Stories

“This membership has made me think more about myself and make me a priority, not just an afterthought. I know I am important and I need to treat myself as such.  I love our weekly catch-ups, they never fail to perk me up and get me back on track when my week hasn’t gone as planned. I am still a work in progress but I believe self-care is a lifestyle, my whole mindset has changed for the better and it’s been lovely getting to know the other ladies in the group also.”




“The community element has been invaluable and has really helped me feel more confident about my choices. While consistency still eludes me in many ways, I’ve come to accept that that is the season I’m in with a toddler and a baby and that what I am doing is enough.”



“Share as much or as little of your story as you want.
A safe and nurturing space where connecting with fellow women & mothers in a positive manner”




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About Suzi

You may know me as a writer, yoga teacher or personal trainer?

Motherhood Rebellion is an amalgamation of these experiences, wisdom and knowledge.

It now includes my understanding of navigating motherhood as a working parent and the challenges that come with it.

I have always lived my life fearlessly and that did not stop when I became a mother. Though, I soon discovered I had to proritise self care to make sure everything ran smoothly.

suzi Chaemchaeng

Motherhood Rebellion’s new book is now available

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